De Gewone Jongens

I had the honer to create a logo for De Gewone Jongens that they can use for every single ride or event they organize.

De Gewone Jongens are a group of friends with a passion for motorbikes. They stand for love, loyalty and brotherhood and try to implement this in all aspects of life, especially on two wheels.

For example, by organizing motorbike rides, selling merchandise, working together with different institutions, De Gewone Jongens try to collect as many donations as possible. Most of these donations go directly to the AMC Foundation, for research on Leukemia and Graft vs Host.

They dedicate everything to Benno, one of their founders, who unfortunately will not experience the many highlights in the future of De Gewone Jongens.

One of his wishes was to influence the future of the disease that got him too much, Graft vs Host. Partly because of this, a large part of the proceeds from De Gewone Jongens activities go to the AMC Foundation, which are fanatically committed to more research into this terrible disease and many others.

Drive together. In style.

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